“It’s like running on clouds.”


I was recently sent a complimentary pair of shoes from ASICS. I already run in the ASICS GT-2000 and have been for years now. Thanks to ASICS for loving and following my blog they sent me a pair of Gel-Kayano 21 to take out for a run.



One major thing that I noticed was the bounce back. It was an incredibly light form of support. I honestly felt like I was running on clouds! I kept telling Alpha that as we ran. It was amazing how I could feel all the support. I was happy that the shock wasn’t being absorbed into my shins as much with these shoes.

I also noticed that since the shoes have a lot of cushion, they weren’t heavy or bulky like other running shoes. They were so light, I couldn’t even hear my footsteps!





There are so many amazing specs with these shoes that make them simply heaven!!! They provide the ultimate combination of bounce back and cushioning properties with reduced weight. Has an exoskeletal heel counter provides improved support and creates improved heel fitting environment. Women’s models feature a lower-density top layer in the midsole, allowing female runners to better enjoy the benefits of midsole compression. Check them out!

Oh and ppsst! Ladies, these shoes have Plus3 which is 3mm of additional height on women’s models helps relieve Achilles tension, in case any of you suffer from it 😉

I have already put over 30 miles on these pair already, and enjoyed every mile of them! I was so happy to see that when I went on my 15 miles training run, I wore no KT Tape on my shins(I wear it to prevent shin splints) and yes it was a risk but I trusted these shoes. I was SOOOO happy once I finished my 15 miles, I had NO, I repeat, NO pain or discomfort!!!



Normally, once my feet strike the ground, my foot rolls, hence a mild over pronation. Every once in a while Alpha records me running to check up on my running form. With these shoes, there is so much stability and control that my feet were landing evenly flat on the ground! No rolling!!!! It’s amazing!



I have fallen in love with the ASICS Gel-Kayano 21. If you haven’t tried them..DO SO!! OH! Another thing I noticed is that my usual hip flexor pain was not there!!! Sometimes just running 6 miles will have me in pain walking like a zombie. I do run with a heel lift in my left shoe to help even out my hips a little more and wearing these ASICS definitely reduced the pain. These Gel-Kayano 21 shoes are just awesome! I’ve never loved a pair a running shoes as much as these. It took away 2 of my chronic pains when I run. That lessen the list of things I have to worry about when running. It’s making my life a lot easier.

It was an honor and a privilege to have received these complimentary pair of shoes from ASICS! I already was an ASICS runner, but these shoes have further brought me into the ASICS vortex of love!

It is crazy what a good pair of shoes can do! With all the health problems and issues I have to deal with, these shoes made me feel powerful. I felt like a strong “normal” runner! I’ve NEVER felt that way before. Running the 15 miles made me feel like I was invincible. Even when I started to get tired at mile 13, my footsteps still were light and under control. I feel amazing running in them. EVERYTHING improved! My time was better, no pain in my usual areas on my legs, no soreness, no discomfort, just euphoric running. I ran 4 miles the next day after the 15 miles and still felt good out there. These shoes have honestly changed my life! I am finally running like I always dreamed.



-cheetah g





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