Perfect for runners you say??

I just received this month’s RunnerBox and I LOVE it! Have you gotten yours yet? Do you know what it is??

RunnerBox is a subscription based box full of runner’s favorite products and discount codes that have been hand-picked. It can be anything from protein bars, gels, healthy snacks, accessories, pretty much anything running related. Some boxes include brand new items and also the oldies but goodies.


You can send them as gifts, or order yourself a subscription to 6 months or a year full of goodies! It’s exciting to receive my RunnerBox because I never know what will be inside! It’s like Christmas for runners every other month!

This month’s box has been my favorite so far. It was literally overflowing with awesome stuff. Lots of specific items I’ve been wanting to try, and loving the accessories and discounts included in this box!



I can’t wait to make my way through this box of fun! Some of the stuff in there has gotten me through moments where I needed a quick snack and they healthy options in these boxes have led to future purchases or those snacks.

Get a discount when you order with this code!
Get a discount when you order with this code!

A VERY cool thing happening is that RunnerBox will be at the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon expo!! I am SUPER excited about it because not only will they be there talking about their awesome boxes, but they will also have a SPECIAL EDITION Wine and Dine Race Kit BOX!!!! I can’t wait to see what is in THAT box of happiness!!! It will have everything needed to get you started for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!



I hope you have already ordered your RunnerBox! If you haven’t, there is still time to order and get this month’s box. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this one!!! Even though ALL the boxes I have gotten have had something special in them that I loved, this one just…ROCKS!!! You can also buy/gift one box to a special runner running their first race and you want to congratulate them or support them on it. And there are gift cards available 😉

If you use RURUNRB at checkout you’ll receive a little discount 😉



-cheetah g


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