We have dined, now time to run!


The Wine and Dine Half  Marathon is just 19 days away! I can’t be more excited for this race! It will be my second night race being I have already ran the Tower of Terror 10-miler in the past. The training has been going excellent! Little setbacks as far as my Scoliosis pain goes but I still keep pushing!


I have been trying to keep a finish time goal using my Pacebands and it has helped me stay on target. I know that trying to PR at a runDisney race is not ideal. Some races are crowded and there are so many characters and stops along the course that you can’t help but stop and take pictures. Soooooo…if I don’t PR, I will be OK with it. I want to run this race and enjoy it! I do have another half in December(not Disney) that I can totally go for the PR!

I still plan on staying as close to my target finish as possible while enjoying all of Disney! Regardless, anything under 3 is a PR. I have consistently stayed at 3 for all of my half marathons. I am by no means a fast runner, but I am a runner and that’s what counts! For those of you curious as to what I use for fuel during the race, I will be using Vega Sport for ALL future races including the 39.3 miles challenge! Vega is my go to for EVERYTHING. I drink it before I run, use the energy gels while I run, and drink their recovery and protein after running. It has resulted in a dramatic difference in my performance and recovery time. Check it out if you are still looking for fuel.

collagevegaI’m done training for this race, but well into my Goofy Challenge race. I’m due for 17 miles soon and I can’t wait! It has been a little tough juggling training for these two races, but being that when it’s time for this race I have already surpassed running 13.1 miles =D

There are many of you who are also running this race and I look forward to meet you all at the expo or the Finish line party! I will post details on my Runner Unleashed Facebook as the days get closer 😉

Our costumes are all done, tested, and ready to go! I love running in costumes! Makes my races more fun and exciting. And maybe there is a possibility that a sparkle skirt might make me run faster??….hhmmmm we shall see.



OH! If you make it to the expo make sure to stop by and check out RunnerBox‘s booth so you can get all the info on this awesome monthly box of runner goodies!! 😉  Another thing too, I will be there for some time as well so make sure you stop by and say hi.

I am so grateful that my training has been going so well and that my determination and dedication to finish strong has really pushed me. I have learned to stay better in tune with the signals my body gives me and have learned to run at a pace where I can keep my breathing under control. I am not running at a record speed or trying to run at my shirt cheetah speed, but enough to go beyond my limits. I know I have more in me and I’m slowly letting it out! With each step I make I learn more and more about myself and what I am capable of doing.




-cheetah g



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