Recover with ice and heat

As runners we have all probably “run” into an injury or two once in our running lifetime. Am I right? How did you first treat it when it happened? Did you just take 2 tyenol? Did you go to the doctors? Did you ignore it? I have found a pretty effective way to reduce pain and swelling.

My problems are usually my knee and my leg. But my biggest problems are involving my back. Anything could flare up the pain. From bending down, to running. With no warning. Then it swells, my muscles tense up and lock up. I automatically reach for the KT Tape at this point. But I also reach for something else to help reduce the pain and swelling.

I do heat and ice therapy. Lots of research has been done and from personal experience, alternating heat and cold has proven to be very effective in pain management. When you have an injury with swelling you would benefit from using heat and ice therapy.

Using ICE will help reduce the pain and will also reduce any swelling in the surrounding area. You should apply ice for no more than 20 minutes at a time. It will help will swelling obviously, and headaches, migraines, muscle spasms and tensions.

Using HEAT relaxes stiff muscles and rids that soreness feeling. It also increases blood, and oxygen blood which is needed to repair the muscles. It should only be applied for no more than 20 minutes. And do not use it on broken skin, or put a scorching hot pack directly to your skin. warp in a towel.

Sometimes an injury doesn’t hurt but just has swelling, and bruising so all you would really need is ice to bring the swelling down. Sometimes you pull a muscle and while could numb the pain, the heat would relax the muscle, thus releasing the tension. But when you get the combo, alternating would be the best way to go and KT Tape has got that covered with the most comfortable pack yet.

KT Recovery+

The KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat compression therapy system comes with a reusable microwaveable heat pack. A reusable gel pack that you can freeze and stays colder longer. It also comes with an adjustable wrap that is versatile, multi-area use with a snug fit. It has insulate pockets for the ice and the heat packs. It also includes a little tote bag where you can keep it all.


I have been using KT Recovery+ for a while now and it has relieved my pain and the swelling. Since I get “the combo” this has been the easiest and best way for me to do the ice/heat therapy. I use the adjustable wrap and it stays in place. It actually has these grooves on it to make sure it stays in place. Since my pain is on odd places, it was always hard to get the ice packs to stay in place. This recovery system takes care of it all. It has made recovery for me much easier. You can find it on their website and at  Amazon and Target.

This is obviously safe to use while you are wearing KT tape strips. I have used it on my back, calf, and hamstrings. It has cut my recovery time and I love it. It has also helped relieve my fibromyalgia pain too. The little tote sits right next to my bed and I use it often and the ease of the wrap makes its simple.





7 responses to “Recover with ice and heat”

  1. Jeremy P Murphy Avatar

    Thank you Gelcys for reviewing this very helpful product for relieving pain and inflammation, especially with back pain. I’ve mainly used the ice pack and it helped me a lot earlier this summer with back pain. Have tried the heat pack a few times, seems helpful as well. Sometimes the ice pack from this kit was the only thing that would really help me find relief from the pain.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      I know what you mean. But sometimes alternating is what is needed for certain pains. Glad you are able to find relief my friend.

  2. […] pretty effective. They released an Ice/Heat recovery kit that is phenomenal. Check it out HERE. It was a sleeve to fit an ice pack or heat pack and you can strap it onto the injured area. I used […]

  3. EHU Avatar

    I bought this same one too & love it! I was wondering if I could freeze the heat pack so I can use it as a cold pack?

    1. Empire Unleashed Avatar
      Empire Unleashed

      It comes with a heat and a cold pack so you can put the blue one in the freezer. I keep mine in a freezer bag so it doesn’t crack and break

      1. Ehu Avatar

        Thank you for your reply but I don’t use the heat pack & wanted to know if I could freeze the orange one too so I can have 2 cold packs?

      2. Empire Unleashed Avatar
        Empire Unleashed

        I personally wouldn’t. I have never tried it. But if you get or have another ice pack that fits in the sleeve then you have two that way

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