Why I use KT Tape

What is KT Tape? KT Tape is an elastic tape made to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

How does it work? When running, or doing any kind of work out and you get injured, the lymphatic fluids build up and it causes swelling, thus causing lots of pain. So when you do apply the KT Tape correctly, you are allowing the top layer of the skin to lift and allowing the lymphatic fluid to better flow. Which also carries white blood cells throughout the body and removes waste products, cellular debris, and bacteria.

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Why do I use it? I use KT Tape to survive. Yes thats right. I don’t only use it for running purposes but I use it for my chronic diseases that I suffer from. Scoliosis is probably the #1 reason why I use KT Tape. I have so many different applications for my different pains, and chronic swelling, that I’ve lost count. But the reason I use it is because I wouldn’t be functional otherwise.

My twisted spine is stubborn, and since my hip is higher, my leg is shorter, and my ribs are twisting….its hard not to have pain in those areas. Sometimes I even have trouble breathing. But with the help of KT Tape, I have found a way to make my days more tolerable, and made my passion for running possible.

Different applications for Scoliosis.

Since I had my mini stroke, I have developed a tremor in my right arm and hand. Sometimes it becomes painful and I get no use out of it. I can’t open bottles or cut my own food at times and thats where KT Tape comes in for the rescue! I use an application that my PT made for me and it has helped me.

Even when I run, because now, my arm tucks right into my hip or when I tire, it just drops, having it all taped it has helped tremendously! That of which is how I was able to train and successfully finish my 4th marathon this past January.

I was at mile marker HELL as I was approaching my son and my husband in tears of because of the pain in my head. The tape is on my right arm and hand.

KT Tape has made a major difference and has helped me progress as my illnesses has made my body regress. It helps keep me going and actually keeps me motivated because I feel stronger and safe. It stays on for over a week at a time. I barely apply any stretch on my tape, and the second it is on, the pain starts to go away. The edema application, the one that looks like a spider, I use for when it’s swollen. It helps reduce swelling and bruising.


When I go running, or just have to face the next day, I need tape. I use it as a preventative for injuries and also to keep my chronic pains at a tolerable level. My pains do not play games, they are serious, and it takes something serious to fight back. Luckily KT Tape has the right weapons. Not only do I use the tape, I use the OH so amazing Ice/Heat wrap that you can place the ice or heat pack into a pocket and wrap it around your area of pain. It’s perfection! I LOVE it! And I also use the Ice/Heat massage ball. And why I love it is because its a stainless steel ball and you stick the cold or hot gel inserts in there and roll it on your sore or painful muscles and wow….Heaven!
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 If you are doubting that it works, or want more information, ask me. Email me and ask me all the questions you want! Everyone else does and I don’t mind. I LOVE helping you all with your KT Tape questions. And you know they have videos on how to on their site as well. They have many new and different products on there that can help you and a little birdie told me they are having a Spring sale 😉
my email: gelcys@runnerunleashed.com
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4 responses to “Why I use KT Tape”

  1. Wannabe Runner Avatar
    Wannabe Runner

    Is KT tape the only thing you use for your high hip and shorter leg? Where do you place the tape to support that side?

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      I use it on my hip and on my knee. Those are my trouble spots.

  2. Logan S Avatar

    I’ve always thought about using KT tape on my calves because those really tighten up when I Run after reading this, I finally think it’s worth a shot! If it helps you that much, hopefully it’ll help a just a little bit.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Give it a shot and see if it helps! If applied correctly it should make a big difference!

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