Star Wars-Dark Side Challenge Part II, The finale

I’ll leave off where Part I left off. Megan and I met up in the lobby of the Hilton Bonnet Creek because she was driving us to Epcot. Walking to the start line, I was a little worried because my rotated ribs were REALLY bothering me. I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want to worry her. I had a massive headache the size of the death … Continue reading Star Wars-Dark Side Challenge Part II, The finale

Beat The Sun.

Beat the sun huh…..If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen me say that more often than not. I tend to go out for my runs late in the afternoon and I’m always out there chasing the sun, trying to beat it home. But how ’bout this…imagine running through rough terrain, completely exhausting yourself, running through the most magnificent scenery, running with teammates, running from … Continue reading Beat The Sun.

Wine, 13.1 miles, and Yoga!

Let me introduce to ASICS first ever, Vine Body Sole event! It’s a weekend FULL of vineyard fun for the ladies! This is a half marathon and training challenge in Napa Valley, Ca. It is going to be the getaways of all getaways. While it may sound like another race weekend, it definitely isn’t one of those. There will be wine, vineyards, yoga, running for … Continue reading Wine, 13.1 miles, and Yoga!

The shoes for ANY distance

How awesome would it be if you would run anywhere in the world?!? No worries, no wonders, just you, your running paradise and a pair of ASICS fuzeX shoes??? Yes ASICS is bringing you another way to enjoy your running and take it to the next level. I introduce you to the FuzeX shoes: Introducing ASICS NEWEST midsole technology with fuzeGEL. It’s a merry fusion of GEL … Continue reading The shoes for ANY distance

Get Betta with Meta #MetaRun

I once heard in fairytail that the right pair of shoes can change your life, I totally believe it! I’ve had the opportunity to try out ASICS MetaRun shoes. Do you remember when I wrote about it when it came out? If you missed my blog post, feel free to read it here. Just to recap, the MetaRun shoes were created by using the latest ASICS exclusive technologies … Continue reading Get Betta with Meta #MetaRun