My brain won’t beat me.

I suffer from many different brain illnesses. I suffer from chronic migraines, I get about 4 to 5 a week. They are debilitating and stop me cold. I am useless and cannot function for the day(s). I also suffer from seizures. I do take preventative medications, and I have Lyssa the medical alert Doberman who alerts me when they are coming. But I do still … Continue reading My brain won’t beat me.

25th Anniversary runDisney Marathon

WOW! To say that this weekend was memorable, it’s an understatement. From the Cigna  blogger event, where we learned about nutrition and exercise in a fun way where we stacked cups, apples, did (fake) shot, played beer pong without the beer, oh yeah…we sang too. Then it was time to check into my home away from home, Hilton Bonnet Creek. I was so ready to get there … Continue reading 25th Anniversary runDisney Marathon

It’s your imperfections that make you…YOU

Life gets tough at times and throws things your way you don’t expect or want to even accept, but sometimes you have no choice. Last August I had a small stroke and since then my body has been affected. While there wasn’t anything done permanently to my brain, there seems to be one lasting effect. When the nurses rushed me into a room, the right … Continue reading It’s your imperfections that make you…YOU

Life is funny but I am strong. 

Life is something serious isn’t is?!?! It definitely has a sense of humor and sometimes I don’t laugh..well I’m lying. I do. With the diagnosis of the permanent nerve damage in my legs, it’s been hard to get higher mileage or hell, even back to my faster pace lately. But yesterday I freaking killed it!!! I hit 9 miles and felt good about it. I … Continue reading Life is funny but I am strong.