Light breeze, colored leaves


With another month down, going into my favorite time of year, I can’t be more excited!!! Fall time in Florida may not be as beautiful or as noticeable being that our palm tree’s don’t change color! But I love the change in the weather. It gets cooler, the heat isn’t killer and it has my favorite holiday ever HALLOWEEN!!! =)

So far my training is going OK. In August it was a few steps back since I was in the hospital and was out due to my hip flexor pain being out of control. But glad I was able to overcome it with some therapy and KT Tape. My headaches are unfortunately something that came along with my Scoliosis. One of the spinal surgeries didn’t go so well, seems they played around too much with my spinal liquid??? I never got a clear answer so these headaches are here to stay.

Luckily I have been able to continue with my training. I do have 3 major races I’m training for, the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November, and the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge in January. For the Wine and Dine I am actually trying to hit a PR. It’s by NO means a killer time or world record. I never compete against other runners, I only compete against myself.



The past half marathons I have done have been give or take the same finish time. They have been off my a minute or two. I felt like I could run at a faster pace and hold it. Since I have to stop and do breathing exercises, I figured I could try to do them while I ran to limit the amount of breaks. I am going for an almost 20 minutes PR with a finish time of 2:45. Like I said, nothing major. Not even like most runners because I see you all finish in an hour less than me but hey I’m getting it done, and I will be proud with whatever time I get so long as I finish.  It is a slower pace than I’m used to (my comfortable pace is 10:10) but since I’m also training for the Goofy Challenge, I need to slow my roll! I can’t hold that 10:10 for 39.3 miles! Not yet at least 😉

So for the month of September, I will be well into double digits, making my way into the low 20s! I am actually excited about it! Yes I know I am crazy, THANK YOU! Since it will officially be fall September 23, I will have NO problem running outside everyday! Lately, due to heat, most of my runs have been indoors on the treadmill. This Summer was brutal here!!!



Many reasons to look forward to the new season!! I’m getting back on track with my training schedule, and now only 2 months away from the Wine and Dine and 4 months away from my greatest challenge of all!!! EEEEKKK!!


Stay tuned….

-cheetah g

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