Be kind to your muscles

I am always on the hunt for the best way to recover or release the tension in your muscles. Especially when you come back from a run or just suffer from chronic muscles spasms and need tension relief. Sometimes Some methods work better than others and there is always new stuff coming out so I am always on the look out.

Well, KT Tape came out with something pretty effective. They released an Ice/Heat recovery kit that is phenomenal. Check it out HERE. It was a sleeve to fit an ice pack or heat pack and you can strap it onto the injured area. I used it for my back ALL the time. It’s perfect because it’s hands free! I don’t have to stay in bed, I can easily wrap it around my leg too and it has velcro and it just sticks. I love it!

Anyway, now they came out with this Ice/Heat recovery massage ball and Oh M geeee! It is great! It targets and pinpoints the muscles that are sore or you can use it to just give yourself a nice massage post run. It is a roller ball with interchangeable hot or cold balls you can put inside the metal ball. It has a rubber grip handle which the temperature won’t affect your hand. You’ll just feel it on the area you’re massaging.


You can stick the orange ball in the microwave for a few seconds and place it into the steel ball and secure it into the handle and collar and start massaging…your muscles will thank you. It feels so good…


This KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball is super easy to use and very useful. Like I said, you target those achy muscles and give them what they want. Remember that if your muscles are tight and hard to move, use heat to loosen them up and stretch them out a bit without causing more pain of course. You can even use the orange ball(heat) to prep for a run as well as they will loosen your muscles enough for the miles ahead.



When your muscles are swollen, it’s better to ice them up. Using the massage ball is like a double whammy because you are working on it while icing it, and of course taking care of the pain. Because we all know that swelling carries a lot of pain. At least in my chronic swelling world.

Try it out or check it out on their site KT Tape. It is new that was just released but I HAD to try it because it seemed like it was right up my alley and KT Tape did an excellent job with this product. I foresee myself using it as often as the Recovery kit.


This is just one of their many new products that they have just released for the new year. Stay tuned on my blog and their site for their new stuff which I got first dibs on as an ambassador. And of course, keep those KT Tape questions coming, I am ALWAYS happy to help you all with correct placement, tips for sticking, and best ways to relieve pain using KT TAPE. Feel free to email me at =)



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