Training ups and downs

WOW! What a crazy training schedule its been for the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge!!!! This past weekend I finally was successful at completing high mileage.

The race is just 2 weeks away and I feel ready!


I ran a local half marathon a few weeks back and set out to do a mock Goofy run. After completing the half, I went home and iced and rested. The next morning I set out to run 20 miles and I was bothered because I only made it to 5 miles. I have having incredible lower back pain where I could barely stand up straight.

I knew I still had time to train but it did bother me that I was not able to finish. Through out the next days, I ran 6 mile distances and then the weekend came around again. Second chance to do back to back long runs. I ran my 12 on the treadmill, yes the treadmill. I actually don’t have a problem running on it 😉

I had taken those 12 easy and recovered. The next morning I was up and ready to go. Alpha and I set out to conquer the 20 miles I needed. At mile 4 I was struggling again, but I kept going. I made it to about mile 6 where I was just beyond running on fumes. I had nothing left and was in a lot of pain. I had to go back home and take care of my pains.


I had developed a numb leg, which is a reoccurring Scoliosis side effect. Whenever the nerve gets pinched by a tight muscle, I lose feeling in my right leg(complications in surgery). I sat out 2 weekly runs to stay strong for the weekend. I had one last 6 mile run to do and I took it. I still had a numb leg but running on it helped release the tension within the muscle, thus easing the numbness.

The weekend was a dark cloud hovering over. I knew this was it. My last chance to do these back to back runs before the race. I had to start tapering soon. What was I going to do if I didn’t finish?


I knew that the support from my friends would get me to where I needed to go. They saw my need and showed support by sending me encouraging messages! So much fun, lots of laughs, and lots of determination and before I knew it…I had just finished running my 12 miles! I use Vega Sport Gels to keep me going during long runs. I took one at 6 miles and then boom! I was done! phew! This time I had taken a different approach running 3:1 ratios which helped a lot!

Now it was time for the 20 miles. I was nervous, excited, but overly determined! I drank my usual cup of CogniTea and had Alpha KT Tape me up!


As I stretched and prepped for the 20 miles, I cleared my mind. I took out anything that would keep me from finishing, I ignored anything that would stop me…all that I left was determination.

I was having back pain, but thanks to my wonderful PT, he came to my rescue and gave me a last-minute KT Tape to apply. I knew I was going to finish, I knew it was going to be painful, I knew it was going to be hard. That wasn’t enough to keep me from trying.


I took off with the same 3:1 ratio I did the day before. The miles came and went, one by one…As I was doubling back about to hit my half way point I passed my motivation that was staring back at me from the window of my car. When I went to grab my banana, I grabbed him too. I had to push and give it 110%!!!!!!!


I was going to finish! That was my only thought. I also did some math and figured out that it hadn’t even been 24 hours since I had run the 12, so I was REALLY putting my body through hell. But I knew I needed to do this. This was my last long run and I had less than 8 miles left.

At this point, I was delirious and cooky! Now I know why Ultra runners are so crazy! After running for so long you have no choice but to entertain yourself and I sang my heart out and Alpha joined in. For those that know him, he isn’t one to shy away from being goofy! ha!


My Garmin decided to die on me when I had 4 miles left, but luckily I know my trail so well I know where each mile point is at. Once I made it to the last lap around I knew I was ready. At mile 18 I felt fine, just tired but ok. The KT Tape had been keeping me pain free. Once I reached the 20 mile mark I sighed heavily! It was done! 32 miles in less than 24 hours!?!?!

I know many of you run more than that on the daily, but for someone like me and everything I have to deal with…this was a MAJOR accomplishment!!!! I am super proud of myself and all the hard work I’ve been putting in!

I rushed home, drank my recovery Vega, and jumped into a waiting ice bath..


It was my last and final chance and I made it. I finished and could start taper mode! All you need is a heavy daily dose of determination and keep yourself motivated. It may not be easy to motivate some of you, but look around. It’s everywhere, you just have to see it.


I am excited and happily on my way to the longest finish lines ever. Stay tuned, I will post my costumes soon!

-cheetah g



6 responses to “Training ups and downs”

  1. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

    Great job my friend. You always keep movin’ and are such an inspiration!

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Thanks my friend!

  2. KelsieLou Avatar

    I’m glad you were able to get in your 20 miler. Loving the butterfly wings. Where did you get them?

    I’m thinking about trying KT tape. I’ve been getting pains in my ankle lately.

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Thank you. They are shwings! =) what problem are you having?

      1. KelsieLou Avatar

        I ran 5 miles in a new shoe purchased on black Friday. The side of my foot/ankle has been aching for over a week now. I’ve been RICEing. It’s gotten a lot better, however, I don’t want it to come back as I pick up training in mid Jan.

      2. runner unleashed Avatar
        runner unleashed

        If it started with the new shoes then that’s probably the cause. Wear a different pair of shoes a few runs and see if it gets better.

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