New technology taping from KT Tape

I am pretty excited to share some news with you. It’s PRO news! This is something that I can say I have tried and used myself so I can give you direct intel! Which I know you all appreciate. I won’t share or recommend anything I haven’t tried myself.
This is KT Tape PRO OXYGEN with Celliant® Infrared Technology 

What makes it stand out:

.- Best in-class Kinesiology tape now infused with Celliant®

.- Celliant is a natural mineral. Normal coloration can vary.

.- Celliant® converts body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy, which improves cellular oxygenation.

.- Celliant® is clinically proven in apparel. KT Tape is their first in taping applications.

.- Dries quick and is just as durable as KT Tape PRO.

.- Helps bring more Oxygen to your cells to bring out that power that’s hiding in your muscles.

.- Extremely strong water resistance with ultra-breathable synthetic fabric.



I started using it on my back muscles, the most demanding area of my body with pain. I used one application towards the top of my spine and one on my lumbar. I ran, walked, sweated, and even did a run in the pouring rain! Which felt amazing by the way.
The PRO OXYGEN with Celliant® tape feels very similar to the KT Tape PRO. It also comes in 20 precut strips. It sticks on very well and stands up to the test in this extreme heat and humidity, it holds up well. I am not much of a “sweater,” but enough that would cause interference with the tape, and I had no issue. Even after a 5-day wear.

I do like this new tape and see myself using it more often due to the use of the natural mineral and how it converts your body heat into infrared energy, plus sending more oxygen to your cells which for one, are needed and two- are turned into good use for you. The sensation of the tape does not seem any heavier than the PRO, and it feels very beneficial from what your body is producing and turning into cellular oxygen. It just came out, and if you are looking for a way(s) to level up your running or just want to stay pain-free, try this KT Tape option.
With my Scoliosis, it’s hard for me to stay pain-free. Although KT Tape is the line of products I use that keeps me at a pain level, I can function. This new tape here has given me another option I can use while running at a more comfortable level.





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