Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

Well it looks like Walt Disney World has just made an announcement for another “newish” runDisney event. It is called Star Wars Rival Run Weekend. It really is just Star Wars Dark Side half weekend but it has a little twist now. It will make its debut new year April 5, 2019. What sets this one apart is that now you can choose your own destiny. … Continue reading Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

Thank you runDisney and Star Wars

It’s that time again! When my two favorite world collide! Star Wars and running! This weekend it’s the return of runDisney Half Marathon- The Dark Side!! I WISH I were running all the races offered this weekend as per my norm, but my medical bills have really been piling up so I will only be running the half marathon. The Half Marathon-The Dark Side, offers a 5K, … Continue reading Thank you runDisney and Star Wars


Some days are rough, some days don’t even have a word to describe it. But a way to recover from them or to survive…is to RUN. At least that is what they say. Running can be difficult at times, yes, but it can also be therapeutic too. Some people blast some music in their headphones and are lost on the trails for a few hours, … Continue reading Monday.

It’s your imperfections that make you…YOU

Life gets tough at times and throws things your way you don’t expect or want to even accept, but sometimes you have no choice. Last August I had a small stroke and since then my body has been affected. While there wasn’t anything done permanently to my brain, there seems to be one lasting effect. When the nurses rushed me into a room, the right … Continue reading It’s your imperfections that make you…YOU

All the medals, all the bling

Being a runner, is supposed to be simple right? Just pick a good pair of shoes and a road and you’re done….wrong! Not when you are training for a race! You need more roads, more shoes, fuel and proper time to train. Not to mention all the money to register for all those races you want to run. I mean, in all honesty, the best … Continue reading All the medals, all the bling

Life is funny but I am strong. 

Life is something serious isn’t is?!?! It definitely has a sense of humor and sometimes I don’t laugh..well I’m lying. I do. With the diagnosis of the permanent nerve damage in my legs, it’s been hard to get higher mileage or hell, even back to my faster pace lately. But yesterday I freaking killed it!!! I hit 9 miles and felt good about it. I … Continue reading Life is funny but I am strong.