KT Tape does what?!?

I know many of you ask me about the KT Tape and what it does and how it helps. I have written about it before but I am writing about it again as I use some new apps as well as some original ones.

Many of you wonder what is this tape stuff? It’s simple really. it’s an elastic sports tape(non medicated) designed to relieve muscle, tendon and ligament pain, while at the same time providing support. It does come in an array of colors, and at time limited edition design ones sold at special race expos.


There is also a nude color for those who don’t want it so bright. 😉

Are you curious as to if this stretchy tape is for you? There are hundreds of different apps that help people with tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, lower back, shin splints, hips, IT band…just to name a few. Once applied, it gives immediate relief and will continue to do so while the tape is on.

The KT Tape, if applied properly, will give support while you run and keep your hot spots areas protected. It can last anywhere from 3 days on. And yes, you can wear it in the water, while you sweat, and in the shower.

The KT Tape is applied along muscles, tendons, and ligaments that have been injured or are weak. The tape is there to relax muscles and make it easier for the muscles to fire in action, which is the opposite of what a brace or a wrap might do. They constrict blood flow and give little to no room for muscle movements.


One of the great things about this tape is that it’s matrix mesh, which means it allows moisture release for comfort! So when you are covered in sweat, the tape will dry out and will last days without itching or irritating. So long as its kept clean of course. It will also hold its own against mud, water, sand, humidity, you name it. The adhesion is excellent and will stick on your skin with no problem, again if it’s applied properly. And if you want to remove it, it will come off easily; make sure you go with the skin and not against it so you don’t irritate it.

Limited Edition Chevron KT Tape in the water.
Limited Edition Chevron KT Tape in the water.

One of the main issues I see with KT Tape not sticking is that it is over stretched. When you give it too much tension it will begin to roll and won’t stick no matter WHAT you do. Giving the tape about 20% tension is good enough. This is my personal opinion and experience with the tape. I’ve had better results giving it 10% tension than anything more.

I use it for many different injuries: Scoliosis, upper shoulder pain, hip flexor, shin splints, heel, PF, ribs, knees, IT Band, neck to name a few LOL. While some were tailored specifically for me because of my conditions, most are some you can all use:

kt tape collage

There are two kinds of tape, the cotton and the pro. The pro does last longer and is a little tougher than the cotton. From experience it also sticks better and hold for over a week. My pro apps on my back usually last about 2 weeks. They do sell an adhesive spray you can use to give it a better hold if you know you will be doing some rough activity. This might also be useful in those hot humid summer months too.

You can find the tape online at kttape.com or in sporting good stores, target, walmart, and CVS to name a few.


I’ve noticed that there are injuries that are more common than others so here are very clear, detailed instructions on how to apply from my PT Ergasia.

Hip pain

IT Band pain

Shin Splints

Calf pain/soreness

Heel pain

You can follow those instructions to a T and you won’t have a problem with the KT Tape. Those videos are the ones I use to tape myself and they instantly take my pains away. Since being diagnosed with Scoliosis in my early teen years, I’ve lived in pain. I have gone through the ringer with physical therapy, doctors, surgeries, and such. Nothing has helped and I refuse to take pain medications, it just makes me feel worse.

Luckily I found this tape 3 years ago after trying a million things for shin splints and BOOM! MAGIC! Pain was gone! I looked up some info on using it for my Scoliosis pain and by trial and error I found apps that worked. But better yet, it brought me to find my PT. The ONLY one in the medical field who was willing to help me. Now a days they all tell me that I need another spinal fusion to correct it, and nope, no way, no how. I’m done with spinal fusions. My PT is knowledgeable in orthopedic patients and has fixed some of my pains. I am FOREVER grateful for how helpful and giving he is!

Alpha, Joe my PT, and me!
Alpha, Joe my PT, and me!

If you have your doubts about KT Tape working, check out my journey and everything I’ve been through. You all know I don’t sugarcoat stuff and always tell the truth. The good,the bad, the ugly, the great, that comes with running. I wouldn’t talk so much about a product that I don’t stand behind. Feel free to check them out at KT Tape and follow them on twitter. Tell them Runner Unleashed said HELLO!


6 thoughts on “KT Tape does what?!?

      1. Awesome. I’m having issues with the first and second joint of the big toe. It makes running painful. Do you have videos showing application or would ktape have that after purchasing?

  1. Can you post or email some videos of taping for your back? I have a lumbar fusion, and the erector muscle on my left gets extremely tight. Thanks! Love your blog.

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